Bold as Brass

by Hilary Devey & Megan Lloyd Davies


Hilary Devey is one of the UK's most remarkable entrepreneurs and was an instant sensation when she appeared on BBC's Dragon's Den. In her memoir, she reveals the full story of her turbulent life and the incredible determination that enabled her to build her company Pall-Ex into a business with an annual turnover of £100 million.

Megan Lloyd Davies

Insights into the book

The moment I sat down with Hilary, I knew I wanted to write her book. She's as funny, warm and direct as she is on screen and wasn't wrong when she warned me that her life story was like a Catherine Cookson novel. Poverty, a brutal rape as a child, an abusive relationship as an adult, single parent to a son who became a heroin addict, Hilary has lived more lives than most – and built a multi-million pound fortune in haulage, the ultimate man’s world. Her honesty, work ethic and sharp sense of humour made her story one that I wanted to tell.

Publishing details

Bold As Brass was published by Sidgwick & Jackson and became a Sunday Times bestseller.