Mummy Come Home

by Oxana Kalemi & Megan Lloyd Davies


Tricked into prostitution by her best friend, Oxana was torn from her children in Ukraine and trafficked into the UK, where she was imprisoned and forced to sell sex. Raped, beaten and abused, Oxana had one thing left in the world to live for: the thought of being reunited with her children. Her unshakeable determination meant that even in her darkest hour, the flame of hope in Oxana's heart was never extinguished. Spurred on by this, she found the strength to break free from her captors and continue her fight to be a mother once more.

Megan Lloyd Davies

Insights into the book

The trafficking of people – particularly women forced into prostitution – is the third biggest 'black economy' after the trade in guns and drugs. But who are the woman forced to sell sex? And how does this happen to them? I knew I wanted to write about this subject but couldn't find a woman who'd be identified to talk about it. Then I met Oxana and she agreed. I hoped that her story of being trafficked from Ukraine across Europe and into Britain where she was forced to sell sex would strike a chord with women everywhere.

Publishing details

Mummy Come Home was published by Harper Collins and became a Sunday Times bestseller. Translation rights sold in Sweden, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Turkey and the Czech Republic.