War Child

by Emmanuel Jal & Megan Lloyd Davies


When Emmanuel Jal was seven he was told he was being sent from his home in war torn Sudan to a school in Ethiopia. But after trekking his way to a refugee camp, he instead became one of the Lost Boys of Sudan – trained to become child soldiers with the rebel forces fighting in Sudan's bloody civil war. Four years later, Emmanuel was rescued by British aid worker Emma McCune and smuggled into Kenya. But when Emma died soon afterwards, Emmanuel was alone again and had to fight once more – this time to find purpose in life. From child soldier, to refugee, to rap star, War Child is one boy's incredible story of survival and triumph.

Megan Lloyd Davies

Insights into the book

This book about Emmanuel's experiences as a child solder in Sudan was hard to write. Not only was the subject matter deeply disturbing but Emmanuel had never told his whole life story before. Over months of interviews, he slowly got to know and trust me enough tell it. His life story may read like the stuff of movies but it's real. His courage and tenacity enabled him not only to escape Sudan but today work tirelessly to promote peace and the plight of child soldiers. A truly inspirational man.

Publishing details

War Child was published by Little Brown in the UK and St Martin's Press in America. Translation rights sold in Holland, Italy, Brazil and Portugal.